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How do I find website “Plugins”?

How do I find website “Plugins”?

How do I find website “Plugins”? Where is the best place to go for them?

WordPress is the most widely used free source of plugins!

The WP Plug-In Directory is stuffed full of free software.

While much of the directory is free some offer a scalable amount of service and subscription, from freemium(free to premium options), monthly or annualized to pay as you go!

Be careful and research diligently, the reviews matter and there are Forums on just about any topic WordPress! This directory should be possibly your first stop to find any specific solution or need.


Extend your WordPress experience with 54,696 plugins at the time of this publication!

What is Brandon Gray Internet Services?

What is Brandon Gray Internet Services?

We paid an unsolicited renewal notice from Domain Registry of Canada and now have troubles! We discovered the troubles when we tried to update our website, we were advised to change hosts and then discovered our mistake in paying the wrong registry for our domain name. Who do we pay, or have to pay for what?